September 08, 2014

Volvo Cars of Canada opens a new parts distribution centre in Toronto

Volvo Cars of Canada opened a new parts distribution centre in Toronto specifically designated for eastern and central Canadian retailers. Marc Engelen, President & CEO of Volvo Cars of Canada and Miguel A. Mazarias, Divisional Vice-President of Neovia Logistic Services
were on-site to perform the ribbon-cutting ceremony. The Neovia Logistics team will be responsible for the management and operation of the Toronto distribution centre. The opening of this distribution centre further symbolizes Volvo Car's commitment to the Canadian market, to the retailers and to consumers who seek premium, reliable vehicles as well as optimal customer satisfaction.

"The opening of the parts distribution centre is an important step in our effort to re-establish the Volvo brand in the Canadian market," said Marc Engelen.

"The retailers are extremely happy to have a parts distribution centre back in Canada as they will see significantly improved and consistent delivery times," added Carol Kitchen, VP - Customer Service, Volvo Cars of Canada. "We expect these improvements in parts delivery to have a positive effect on both retailer and consumer satisfaction."

Formerly, all Canadian retailers were served from distribution centres in the United States, with central and eastern Canadian retailers supplied from the Volvo distribution centre in Rutherford, New Jersey and western Canadian retailers being served by a centre in Ontario, California. Although western retailers will continue to work with the warehouse in Ontario, California, the Toronto distribution centre signifies a positive shift to a localised parts supply that is expected to supplement the continued focus on the Canadian market and further the re-establishment of the Volvo brand in the automotive landscape, Canada-wide.

With the help of Neovia Logistics Services, the Toronto distribution centre will support eastern and central Canadian retailers in an efficient manner that looks to better balance costs and service levels while supporting retailer relationships and their service business. A global partner of Volvo Cars, Neovia Logistics has a presence that spans six continents and coordinates business logistics in a plethora of industries.

Miguel A. Mazarias added, "Neovia is honoured to be the selected logistics partner for Volvo Cars in Toronto."

"We are very excited to be an extended part of the Volvo family here in Canada. With our experience with automotive service parts we feel we can do an excellent job for the Volvo retailers in Eastern Canada," said Kris Paquin, Divisional Vice-President, Neovia Logistics.


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