October 06, 2014

Skoda grows 10.4 per cent globally in September 2014

Skoda's global deliveries increased 10.4 per cent to 95,600 vehicles in September (September 2013: 86,600), making this the best September in corporate history. Skoda managed to achieve their second-best sales month in China since entering the
market back in 2007. The brand's market share in Europe increased to 4.4 per cent over the first nine months.

"As demonstrated by this excellent September and the growth of 13 per cent over the first nine months, Skoda remains on a stable path of growth," said Werner Eichhorn, Skoda Board Member for Sales & Marketing. "Our young and attractive model range has been very well received on all markets. The new Fabia will be continuing the Skoda model campaign with its launch in early November."

In Western Europe, Skoda grew 8.2 per cent to 40,900 vehicles delivered in September (September 2013: 37,800). After nine months, Skoda's market share increased to 3.4 per cent (January to September 2013: 3.1 per cent). In Germany, Skoda's largest European market, the brand's sales increased 4.5 per cent to 14,200 vehicles delivered in September (September 2014: 13,600), and strengthened their position on the market as the number one importer. In the UK, the brand's deliveries increased 12.4 per cent to 11,400 vehicles (September 2013: 10,100). Skoda also achieved double-digit growth in this September in the Netherlands (1,900 vehicles, up 57.1 per cent), Belgium (1,400 vehicles, up 35.3 per cent), Spain (1,200 vehicles, up 32.1 per cent), Italy (1,200 vehicles, up 26 per cent) and in Portugal (200 vehicles, up 62 per cent).

In Eastern Europe, Skoda made 10,300 deliveries to customers this September (September 2013: 10,900). Their market share increased to 4.9 per cent (September 2013: 3.9 per cent), in Russia to 4.3 per cent (September 2013: 3.4 per cent). Skoda sold 7,300 vehicles on the Russian market (September 2013: 7,700). The manufacturer recorded significant growth in the countries of Kazakhstan (600 vehicles; up 28.7 per cent), Romania (700 vehicles, up 47.6 per cent), Serbia (400 vehicles, up 6.9 per cent) and Bulgaria (200 vehicles, up 43.5 per cent).

The brand grew 7.8 per cent to 12,000 vehicles delivered (September 2013: 11,100). In September, more than one in every five new vehicles sold in Central Europe was a Skoda (market share: 20.9 per cent). Deliveries in the Czech home market grew 4.4 per cent to 5,800 vehicles (September 2013: 5,600). In Slovenia, Skoda achieved a sales increase of 55.2 per cent to 400 vehicles, and in Croatia sales grew 26.7 per cent to 200 vehicles.

In September, Skoda achieved the second-best monthly sales result in China since entering the market back in 2007. Skoda's deliveries in their strongest individual market increased 16.3 per cent to 24,900 vehicles (September 2013: 21,400). Skoda also achieved excellent sales results in Turkey (1,300 vehicles, up 30.7 per cent), Israel (1,300 vehicles, up 52.5 per cent), Algeria (1,300 vehicles, up 27.3 per cent) and Australia (300 vehicles, up 17.4 per cent). In India, Skoda delivered 1,700 vehicles in September (September 2013: 1,500).


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