March 20, 2015

Nissan announces leadership changes in North America

Nissan announced leadership changes within its North American operations coinciding with the upcoming start of the company's Fiscal Year 2015 on April 1, 2015.

The changes announced will positively impact the company's North American operations
and further accelerate progress towards the company's global 'Power 88' mid-term business plan.

As part of announcement, Nissan will reorganize its US regional sales organization into eight geographic territories, from five. This action will allow Nissan to better meet the local needs of its dealer network and customers.

Following changes are effective April 1, 2015, unless otherwise noted:
Nissan Division Sales & Marketing
> Pietro Berardi, currently Vice-President, New Business and Aftersales Strategy, is named Vice-President, Aftersales, NA, reporting to Jose Munoz, Executive Vice-President, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. and Chairman, Management Committee - Nissan North America (NNA)
> Wally Burchfield, currently Director, Human Resources Business Partner, Marketing and Sales and Administration and Finance, is promoted to Vice-President, Aftersales, US. He will report to Fred Diaz, Senior Vice-President, Marketing, Sales and Operations, for his US responsibilities and to Berardi for North American Aftersales matters
> Anne Corrao, currently Director, Nissan Sales Operations, is named Regional Vice-President (RVP), Nissan West Region. She will report to Diaz
> Toby Perry, Director, Electric Vehicle (EV) Chief Marketing Manager (CMM) and Overseas Program Director (OPD), is named Director, Nissan Sales Operations, backfilling Corrao.  He will report to Derek Hatami, Vice-President, Sales, US
> Mike Rocco, currently Regional Operations Manager (ROM), Nissan Central Region, is promoted to RVP, Mid-Atlantic Region. He will report to Diaz
> Josh Batie, currently Area General Manager (AGM), Nissan Midwest Region, is promoted to RVP, Nissan Northwest Region. He will report to Diaz

Customer Quality and Dealer Network Development
> After 28 years with NNA, John Spoon, currently Vice-President, Customer Quality and Chief Customer Officer, has elected to retire effective July 2, 2015
> Effective July 2, 2015, Dave Mazur, currently Vice-President, Market Intelligence & Regional Revenue Optimization, is named Vice-President, Customer Quality, Chief Customer Officer and Market Intelligence, North America, backfilling Spoon. He will report to Scott Becker, Senior Vice-President, Administration and Finance for Market Intelligence matters, Diaz on all Customer Quality operations and to Munoz as Chief Customer Officer
> Don Strong, currently Director, Customer Quality, NA is named Director, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Digital Marketing Platforms. He will report to Jeremy Tucker, Vice-President, Marketing, US.

> After 27 years with Nissan, Jose Luis Benitez, AC, Director CIVAC, Nissan Mexico (NMEX) has elected to retire. David Aldana, currently on Foreign Service Assignment as Vice-President, Canton Manufacturing, will return to NMEX backfilling Benitez as Director, CIVAC, NMEX. He will report to Armando Avila, Vice-President, Nissan Mexico Manufacturing
> Steve Marsh joins NNA from Nissan Europe and is promoted to Vice-President, Canton Manufacturing, backfilling Aldana. He will report to John Martin, Senior Vice-President, Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management and Purchasing, North America

Nissan Mexico (NMEX)& Nissan Latin America (NLAC)
> Mayra Gonzalez, currently Regional Vice-President, NMEX, is promoted to Regional Vice-President, Sales and Marketing, NMEX. In this role she will have responsibility for all sales, marketing, dealer network and related activities for NMEX. Gonzalez will report to Airton Cousseau, President, NMEX
> Jorge Vallejo, currently, Director, Government Affairs, NMEX is named Director, Government Affairs and Sales Export, NMEX. He will report in both capacities to Cousseau and will continue to report to Andrew Tavi, Vice-President, Legal, Government Affairs, Human Resources and General Counsel, on Government Affairs matters
> Daniel Pelayo, currently Sub-Director, Aftersales, NMEX, is promoted to Director, Aftersales, NLAC. He will report to Jose Roman, Vice-President, NLAC

Research and Development
> Dana Hargitt, Vice-President, Components Engineering, has elected to retire. Chris Reed, currently Director, OCVE D-platform SUV, is promoted to Vice-President, Components Engineering, backfilling Hargitt. He will report to Kunio Nakaguro, Senior Vice-President, Research and Development, NTCNA
> Takeshi Yamaguchi, currently Vice-President, Vehicle Engineering and Vehicle Program Management, returns to NML and is backfilled by Eiichi Akashi, currently General Manager, Vehicle Development Planning Department at Nissan Technical Center in NML

> Claudia Marquez, currently Director, Marketing, NMEX is promoted to the newly created position of senior Director, Infiniti Sales Operations. She will report to Randy Parker, Vice-President, Infiniti Americas. Marquez will have responsibility for Sales Operations, Aftersales, Customer Experience and Strategy
> Jeff Pope, currently Director, Infiniti Sales Operations, is taking a Foreign Service Assignment in Hong Kong as Director, Infiniti Global Sales Operations. He will report to Gaby Wuest, Infiniti Vice-President, Global Operations
> Bob Welby, currently Senior Manager, Infiniti Marketing Communications, is promoted to Director, Infiniti Sales Operations, backfilling Pope. He will report to Marques
> Stephen Lester, currently Regional General Manager (RGM), Infiniti Operations, NCI, is promoted to Managing Director (MD), Infiniti Canada. He will report to Meunier and Parker


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