April 02, 2015

Key management changes at Isuzu Motors

Isuzu Motors India (IMI), a subsidiary of Isuzu Motors Limited, Japan, has announced key changes in the management.

Naohiro Yamaguchi, General Manager, LCV Sales Project Department at Isuzu Japan, will take over as Managing Director of Isuzu Motors India (IMI)
and will be responsible for the overall operations of the company. Hiroyasu Miura, Executive Officer and Executive in-charge of Manufacturing Engineering Planning Dept, Vehicle Manufacturing and New Business Development at Isuzu Japan, joins as the Chairman at Isuzu Motors India and will be responsible for product engineering & development. Taizo Nakahigashi, Senior Vice-President at Isuzu Motors India will take over as the Chief Executive Officer at Isuzu Hicom Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. The changes in the management is as per the business plans of the company.

Takashi Kikuchi will take-over as President of Isuzu Motors Co., Thailand and also assume the role of Senior Executive Officer at Isuzu, Japan. He will continue as the part-time board member at Isuzu Motors India.

"It has been a very interesting journey so far in India and I am very happy that Isuzu Motors India has seized the right opportunity in the market. With the strong focus on quality, Isuzu will make a very interesting impact in the Indian automobile industry. While I shall be taking over a new responsibility, I will be keenly watching the progress at IMI in my capacity as part-time board member of IMI and otherwise. Also, as I shall take-over the charge of Isuzu's manufacturing plant in Thailand which is the principle manufacturer of Isuzu Pick-up Trucks and SUVs, globally, I look forward to supporting the Indian operations in all ways," said Takashi Kikuchi.

Naohiro Yamaguchi who was responsible for the LCV Sales Project at Isuzu, Japan will bring his rich experience in the area of sales operations and strategy to India and will further accelerate Isuzu's growth in the country, as it gears up towards its full-fledged operations in India by 2016.

In his previous role, Yamaguchi was responsible for overseas sales operations and business development at Isuzu Motors in Japan, Thailand and Europe. He was one of the key members of the India project team at Isuzu, Japan.

"It is indeed a very interesting role that I assume in India. Knowing the growing demand for high-quality, Isuzu has the right setting to offer its world-class products to customers in India. Towards this, Isuzu is already well on its way to establishing a strong organisation, world-class processes and systems to offer the Indian customer the benefit of high quality. I thank Mr. Kikuchi for paving the way for growth and ensuring the set-up of IMI, thus far. I also look forward to taking the same further to establishing the strong brand of Isuzu in India," said Naohiro Yamaguchi, Managing Director, IMI.

At the same time, Hiroyasu Miura joins as the Chairman at Isuzu Motors India and will be primarily responsible for product engineering & development in the company. He comes with a rich experience in the areas of vehicle production and quality control in Japan & Thailand with a global approach. Isuzu Motors India will benefit from Miuras global expertise in product engineering as the company plans to add robust products to its portfolio in the future.

"Isuzu is world-renowned for its high quality vehicles owing to a very strong focus on class-leading Production and Quality techniques. The same emphasis will manifest at IMI and customers in India can be very proud of our products. I look forward to my tenure in India and in my role of ensuring the highest quality standards," said Hiroyasu Miura.


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