May 14, 2015

General Motors investing US$1-billion in Warren Technical Center

General Motors will invest US$1-billion in its Warren Technical Center campus, creating approximately 2,600 new jobs to support future business growth at the National Historic Landmark site.

The multi-year project, which is driving new construction on the campus, significant
renovations of some existing facilities and expansion of some operations, begins this month with work continuing through 2018.

"This is an investment in our people who work at the Tech Center because it is positioning the company for long-term growth by enabling new levels of innovation and collaboration into our workplace," said Mark Reuss, GM Executive Vice-President, Global Product Development and Purchasing and Supply Chain. "We will transform this campus into a collaborative workplace of choice for our current team and future talent."

Under current plans, the investment will create approximately 2,600 new GM salaried jobs in core areas like product engineering, IT and design, all areas critical to support future business growth. GM's Warren Technical Center is currently home to more than 19,000 employees.

Investment include
•  Construction of new Design studios
•  Construction of a parking deck for Design employees
•  Rebuilding and renovating some existing R&D facilities
•  Construction of a multi-story IT building adjacent to the current Michigan IT Innovation Center and a new parking deck for Innovation Center employees
•  Construction to accommodate additional testing areas at the Advanced Energy Center
•  Extensive office upgrades including new carpet, paint, furniture, reconfiguration of miscellaneous work areas in most Tech Center buildings, improving the work environment for all campus functions, including the Vehicle Engineering Center or VEC


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