May 11, 2015

Skoda delivers 92,100 vehicles worldwide; best ever April sales

Skoda's deliveries increased 2.8 per cent to 92,100 vehicles in April (April 2014: 89,600), making this the best April in the company's 120-year history. The Czech car manufacturer grew in Western & Central Europe, as well as in China and India. Both the estate and hatch versions
of the Skoda Fabia have been very well received on the markets with an overall increase of around 40 per cent in Western Europe alone.

"We have continued the positive trend of the first quarter into April,” said Werner Eichhorn, Skoda Sales & Marketing Director. "These developments show that we are winning over increasing numbers of new customers to the brand with our new models."

In Western Europe, Skoda achieved growth of 4.5 per cent in April, delivering 38,200 vehicles to customers (April 2014: 36,600). In Germany, Skoda's second-largest market in the world, the brand’s deliveries increased 7 per cent to 13,800 (April 2014: 12,900). Skoda reaffirmed their position as the number one import brand on the German market. Skoda achieved double-digit growth in Spain (2,000 vehicles; up 16.8 per cent), Italy (1,600 vehicles; up 24.1 per cent), Finland (900 vehicles; up 13.5 per cent), Ireland (600 vehicles; up 30.1 per cent) and Portugal (300 vehicles; up 15.4 per cent).

In Eastern Europe, including Russia, Skoda delivered 7,400 vehicles in April (April 2014: 10,700). In this challenging market environment, Skoda's market share had risen to 4.7 per cent by the end of April, compared to 3.9 per cent in April last year. In Russia, Skoda sold 4,500 vehicles this April, compared to 7,700 units in April 2014. The brand achieved double-digit growth in Rumania (800 vehicles; up 25.5 per cent) and in Bulgaria (up 28.5 per cent; 200 vehicles) this April.

Deliveries increased 6.1 per cent to 15,500 vehicles this April (April 2014: 14,600) in Central Europe. In their Czech home market, Skoda's sales increased 8.1 per cent to 7,700 vehicles delivered in April (April 2014: 7100). Skoda recorded double-digit growth in Hungary (1,000 vehicles; up 20.5 per cent) and Slovenia (500 vehicles; up 18.8 per cent).

Skoda is showing strength in China. In their strongest market in the world, the manufacturer's sales increased 4.9 per cent to 23,000 vehicles delivered in April (April 2014: 21,900). Skoda has been doing very well with the Octavia, sales of which have increased by 49.4 per cent. In India, Skoda's deliveries increased 9.6 per cent to 1,300 in April. Skoda delivers (2,600 vehicles; up 187.1 per cent) in Turkey, Egypt (700 vehicles; up 109.4 per cent) and Australia (300 vehicles; up 33.7 per cent).


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