May 12, 2015

Volkswagen delivers five per cent more commercial vehicles worldwide in April '15

Growth in deliveries by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is carried forward in April as well. Especially in Western Europe, Africa and the Middle East, the figures continue to be positive in terms of steady growth.

"We are delighted we were able to tie in with the excellent
results in the first quarter and are going full speed ahead to carry forward this trend with the upcoming model changes," said Bram Schot, Member of the Brand Board of Management for Sales and Marketing at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.

In the key region of Western Europe, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles was able to boost sales figures by 5.5 per cent in terms of deliveries in the month of April. A total of 26,800 vehicles were delivered of the T5, Caddy, Amarok and Crafter model series. Year-on-year, the previous year's figures, especially in the markets of Italy (+16.7 per cent), United Kingdom (+13.3 per cent) and Spain (+12 per cent), could be significantly outperformed.

The Middle East region also recorded an extraordinarily successful April: 3,200 vehicles sold mean an increase of 52.2 per cent here. Especially Turkey, with a growth of over 50 per cent, contributed to this great result. The region of Africa with 1,400 vehicles delivered could surpass the previous year's result (+12.3 per cent); with 1,600 vehicles delivered, Asia/Pacific could outdo deliveries in the same month of the previous year by 0.8 per cent.

The regions South America and Eastern Europe continued to suffer from the difficult economic conditions there. Particularly the declining numbers in Russia (-58.1 per cent) were definitely in evidence. The Eastern Europe region posted 2,700 delivered vehicles in April, a decrease of 19.8 per cent. In South America, the number of deliveries dropped to 3,100 vehicles. Thus the region, despite a positive outcome in Argentina (1,600 vehicles; +33.8 per cent), was in total 4.1 per cent below the level of the same month last year.


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