May 28, 2015

Volvo Cars announces safety recall for XC90

Volvo Cars is issuing a safety recall for approximately 200 Volvo XC90 customer cars of model year 2016 for a potential issue with an electronic wire harness which controls parts of the restraints system in the car.

The issue is related to a wire harness which is fitted in the
front seats. An incorrect assembly has resulted in some cars having this wire installed in a way which may result in the wire insulation being damaged. Should this occur, the driver would immediately have a warning message displayed in the instrument cluster with instructions to take the car to a workshop. Damages to the wire harness may result in the front seat side airbags not functioning as intended.

No incidents have been reported related to this issue. There is no risk of the side airbags deploying by mistake due to this issue.

Approximately 200 customer cars in Europe and the US are affected with the majority of the cars located in Sweden. Volvo Cars is now contacting all affected customers by letter, asking them to contact their nearest workshop to check and if necessary correct the wire harness.

Cars which have not yet reached customers will be checked and if necessary corrected prior to delivery. In production, additional quality control measures have been introduced at Volvo Cars' supplier to ensure correct installation of the relevant wire harness.


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