July 22, 2015

Mercedes-Benz Style Eyewear Collection Autumn/Winter 2015

Progressive design and flawless functionality are the hallmarks of the 2015 Autumn/Winter Collection designed by Mercedes-Benz Style and Eyewear specialist Rodenstock. Incorporating newly developed materials, colours and shapes, the five styles of sunglasses
and correction lenses take the Mercedes-Benz Style philosophy of sensual purity to the next level. The entire collection is defined by uncompromising quality and contemporary materials crafted to perfection.

The new eyewear range will be available from specialist retailers in September.

The focus of the collection is on a style-defining combination of materials and shapes. Mercedes-Benz Style is also introducing wood-effect glasses as a special feature in this new range. The designs perfectly combine wood-acetate rims with arms made of lightweight, high-grade stainless steel. An inspired design: the glasses offer the longevity of an acetate frame – neither moisture nor extreme temperatures can damage them. They are each available in two versions, as sunglasses and correction frames.

The additional sunglasses in the range are also manufactured using an innovative combination of materials. They bring together a clean metal look with ultralight high-grade polyamide, which further highlights the modern luxury of Mercedes-Benz Style.


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