September 27, 2015

Mercedes-Benz Living @ Fraser

Mercedes-Benz is entering the market for premium business apartments in collaboration with the Frasers Hospitality Group, a leading international provider of luxury serviced apartments. From autumn 2015, as part of a pilot project entitled 'Mercedes-Benz Living
@ Fraser', visitors to London will be able to book six serviced apartments that have been designed by Mercedes-Benz Style. A further nine apartments will follow at the beginning of next year in Singapore. With this move, the premium automotive brand is looking to translate its expertise in cutting-edge design, innovative technologies and integrated transport solutions to the serviced apartment sector. People will be able to experience the 'modern luxury' for which Mercedes is renowned even when they're not on the road. Inspired by the interiors of the company's current vehicle range, the team at Mercedes-Benz Style designed the appointments of the 50 to 100m² apartments together with experts in hospitality decor. The results adhere steadfastly to the Mercedes-Benz design philosophy of sensual purity. Design partners Burmester and Swarovski have helped to come up with individual concepts that offer all the convenience, workmanship and high-quality materials typically associated with Mercedes. These exclusively appointed serviced apartments are aimed at business travellers and individuals who don't want to compromise on style and comfort when they are away from home. The project is based on an idea by the Business Innovation department, the Daimler think tank that is tasked with identifying new areas of business.

"More and more people are permanently on the move. They live and work in unfamiliar cities where they are looking for a 'home away from home' and a sense of security," said Wilfried Steffen, Head of the Business Innovation department. "That's exactly what we want to offer them – and at the very highest level and with the perfection and quality that you'd expect from Mercedes-Benz."

By designing and furnishing these serviced apartments in line with its brand philosophy, Mercedes is bringing the modern luxury for which it is renowned into the realm of living and working.

"As in our vehicles we have combined sensual surfaces and clean lines with intelligent high-tech functionality in order to create a perfectly conceived world of modern luxury that promotes wellbeing and relaxation," said Gorden Wagener, Head of Design at Daimler AG. All the appointments display the hallmarks of Mercedes design. The overarching concept unites flowing lines with sculptural furniture, blending seamlessly into an organic whole. Innovative media and entertainment technologies offer a multi-sensory experience. The designers at Mercedes-Benz Style have succeeded in recreating the ambience and spaciousness of a Mercedes car in luxury serviced apartments. Their goal is to give the occupants a sense of Mercedes-Benz exclusivity.

The six London apartments, which are located in Kensington, have around 100 sq m of space that includes a generously proportioned living and dining area, a fully fitted kitchen and two bedrooms. The nine apartments in Singapore will have around 50 sq m of living space. The choice of furniture and accessories as well as the varying colour and lighting concepts clearly bear the signature of the Mercedes-Benz Style designers.

Furniture elements that would typically be separate instead form a seamless whole, creating new, self-contained spaces. Contrasts are used intentionally to create visual interest, while a blend of free-form shapes and geometry produce an aesthetically accomplished composition. This is exemplified by the 'Black Magic Wall'. This media wall with integrated smart TV and high-gloss black finish has a cool technical appearance that creates an intentional contrast to the historical Kensington Street in which the apartments are located. It blends seamlessly into the beautifully designed sideboard, above which there is a sculptural element reminiscent of the feature line of a car.

The sofas in the living area boast new and unusual proportions. Their shimmering silver covers give them an assured and sculptural look, while the generous shapes and sensual feel of the luxurious velour make them incredibly comfortable to sit or lounge on. Above the dining table is a sparkling Chandelier with crystals from Swarovski designed specially for the apartments. Its crystals are reflected in the glass of the table top in the shape of a curved S – for Swarovski or S-class. This creates a captivating lighting mood in the room. The ambient lighting behind the media wall and the sideboard also convey a sense of warmth and cosiness. The exclusive Burmester sound system adds an additional highlight to the living and dining area. It combines significant design features with exquisite listening pleasure. The signature of the Mercedes-Benz designers can also be found in the sleeping area. The bed's headboard appears to flow seamlessly into the silver bedside tables and carpet. The base is set in slightly from the frame, making the bed look like it's floating. Ambient lighting and an integrated lamp at the end of the bed ensure an optimum level of illumination.

The Mercedes me smart TV app on the media wall allows guests to discover the world of Mercedes-Benz and its products and services on their own terms or to use the connectivity and entertainment features. Other apps designed by partners and transport providers will be available depending on what is on offer at the location. With its new apartments Mercedes-Benz has taken a huge step forward in its aim of bringing together 'home' and 'away from home'.

"Frasers Hospitality is delighted about this partnership with Mercedes-Benz to create Mercedes-Benz Living @Fraser -  where our guests can now choose to experience exclusive bespoke modern luxury living  -  door to door," said Choe Peng Sum, CEO, Frasers Hospitality Group. The serviced apartments are operated and marketed exclusively by the Frasers Hospitality Group. The apartments in London can be booked from mid-November. In Singapore they will be ready for their first occupants in the first quarter of 2016.


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