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July 13, 2013

Top 4 most advanced cars today...

How do you define the most advanced cars available? Some can be praised due to their hybrid engine technology and fuel efficiency, while others combine a wide range of different features to provide high-tech driving. From luxury models through to electric cars, it's

June 04, 2013

Cadillac sales increase largest since 1976; growth of 38 per cent

Cadillac's year-to-date sales increase of 38 per cent will be the brand's largest since 1976, making the 110-year old brand the fastest growing major automotive brand in the US.

When sales are officially reported, Cadillac's May increase of 40 per cent will mark

February 27, 2013

Cadillac begins XTS production in China

Cadillac began production of the new XTS luxury sedan in China, the latest and most important milestone in the brand's growth in the world's largest auto market.

Shanghai joins Oshawa, Ontario, as an assembly location for the XTS, marking the brand's biggest step in its expansion

February 21, 2013

Cadillac XTS brings its best to livery industry

Cadillacis now selling more than nine of 10 all-new XTS models to individual luxury buyers, but the new luxury sedan is also outfitted with a special package that  redefines how fleet and car service operators transport their more than 400-million customers.  

With the new W20

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