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May 05, 2015

Hyung Cheong Kim appointed as President and CEO at Hyundai Motor Europe

Hyung Cheong Kim has been appointed as President and CEO of Hyundai Motor Europe, responsible for the company's business vision, leading the management team at the European headquarters, and overseeing performance in the 30 countries in the region's

April 01, 2015

Thomas A. Schmid appointed Chief Operating Officer at Hyundai Motor Europe

Hyundai Motor Europe has announced the appointment of Thomas A. Schmid to the position of Chief Operating Officer. Since 2013, Schmid has been leading the company's sales division in the role of Vice-President Sales and Fleet. Now promoted to COO,

December 02, 2014

Hyundai Motor opens Europe's biggest dealership showcasing new identity

Hyundai Motor has opened Europe's biggest dealership showcasing its new global dealer space identity. Located in Frankfurt, Germany, the new dealership is one of 200 in Europe that will feature the new look by the end of 2014.

Situated close to Hyundai Motor Europe

October 22, 2014

Bas Kasteel joins Hyundai Motor Europe as Vice-President Customer Service

Hyundai Motor Europe has announced the appointment of Bas Kasteel to the role of Vice-President Customer Service, based at the company's European headquarters in Offenbach, Germany.

Kasteel, 56, takes responsibility for overseeing Hyundai's aftersales

June 03, 2013

Hyundai Motor delivers first 15 hydrogen-powered ix35 Fuel Cell in Europe

Hyundai Motor Company has delivered the first of its assembly line-produced ix35 Fuel Cell vehicles to the City of Copenhagen in Denmark. They were handed over by Hyundai Motor Europe during the opening ceremony of Denmark's first hydrogen refuelling

January 21, 2013

Hyundai Motor Europe appoints Byung Kwon Rhim as new President and CEO

Byung Kwon Rhim has been appointed as the new President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Hyundai Motor Europe.

Rhim has strong experience of working in the region. He previously held the role of President at Hyundai Motor Russia, but, prior to that, Rhim

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