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March 07, 2015

Mazda starts production of all-new Mazda MX-5 and opens pre-order in the UK

Mazda Motor Corporation has begun production in Japan of the all-new Mazda MX-5. The models rolling off the assembly line at Ujina Plant No.1 in Hiroshima are initially destined for the domestic market, where sales are scheduled to begin in June. The Mazda MX-5 will then

January 07, 2014

Mazda starts production at new plant in Mexico

Mazda Motor Corporation has announced that production has begun at its new plant in Mexico. The plant, named Mazda de Mexico Vehicle Operation* (MMVO), is located in Salamanca, in the state of Guanajuato. The first model produced was a Mazda3 sedan

August 27, 2013

Mazda increases Skyactiv engine output by 25 per cent

Strong demand for its new-generation Skyactiv models has prompted Mazda Motor Corporation to boost Skyactiv engine production capacity at its Hiroshima plant by one-quarter. When completed by the end of 2014, the expansion from 800,000 units to 1-million annually

September 18, 2012

Mazda's Seita Kanai named Honorary Consul of the United Mexican States in Hiroshima

Mazda Motor Corporation has announced that Seita Kanai, Mazda's Representative Director and Executive Vice-President, has been made the Honorary Consul of the United Mexican States in Hiroshima. Representing the Government of Mexico at the inauguration

June 07, 2012

Mazda begins training employees of Mexico plant in Japan

Mazda Motor Corporation launched a training program for employees of Mazda Motor Manufacturing de Mexico S.A. de C.V. (MMMdM) plant. MMMdM is Mazda's manufacturing joint-venture. The new plant is currently under construction in Mexico.

An opening

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