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March 11, 2015

Toyota Motor Corporation announces Recruitment Plan for 2015

Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) announces it plans to hire* 2,275 people (including Toyota Technical Skills Academy enrollees and mid-career hires) in the fiscal year beginning April 1, 2015.

TMC plans to continue promoting diversity by recruiting female employees

October 13, 2013

Toyota develops new pedestrian safety technology

Toyota Motor Corporation announces that it has developed a Pre-collision System (PCS) that uses automatic steering in addition to increased pre-collision braking force and automatic braking to help prevent collisions with pedestrians. Toyota is committed to developing

Toyota to launch auto-pilot technology to support safer highway driving

Toyota Motor Corporation announces that it has developed a next-generation advanced driving support system, Automated Highway Driving Assist (AHDA), which uses automated driving technologies to support safer highway driving.

AHDA links two automated

July 28, 2013

Toyota 'Trekker' starts public testing

It won't beam you up, but Toyota Motor Corporation's personal transport unit will get you from point A to B. And now the Winglet is headed to the 'streets' - actually public sidewalks - in a real-world test of functionality, convenience and safety. Overall, the trials

November 13, 2012

TMC opens Intelligent Transport System test site in Japan

Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) began full-scale operations at its ITS Proving Ground, a new test site - within the grounds of the Higashi-Fuji Technical Center in Susono City, Shizuoka Prefecture - established with the aim of reducing traffic accidents through Intelligent

November 10, 2012

Mazda to produce Toyota vehicle at Mexico plant

Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) and Mazda Motor Corporation (Mazda) announced that Mazda's plant in Mexico, currently under construction, will produce a Toyota-brand vehicle for sale mainly in North America. The sub-compact Toyota-brand vehicle, to be based on the Mazda2,

August 21, 2012

Toyota's TABC plant celebrates 40 years of manufacturing in California

Toyota Auto Body California, Inc., (TABC), Toyota's first manufacturing investment in the US, celebrated its 40th anniversary with team members, government and community officials, suppliers and

April 09, 2012

Toyota IMV-series vehicle cumulative global production and sales crosses record 5-million units

Toyota Motor Corporation, Japan announced that the (Innovative International Multi-purpose Vehicle) IMV-series vehicle cumulative global production and sales crossed 5-million units.

Toyota initiated the IMV project to create an optimised global manufacturing

April 08, 2012

Masanori Nohara appointed Executive Director and Co-ordinator, Toyota (GB)

Toyota announced the appointment of Masanori Nohara as Executive Director and Co-ordinator of Toyota (GB) PLC.

Nohara took up his new role with the company on April 1, reporting to Jon Williams, President and Managing Director. He has enjoyed a

March 27, 2012

BMW Group and TMC sign lithium-ion battery collaborative research agreement

BMW Group and Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) announce that they have signed an agreement on collaborative research in the field of next-generation lithium-ion battery cells and have begun said research. The agreement follows the memorandum of understanding concerning a

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