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May 05, 2012

New world speed records for Volvo hybrid truck

Volvo’s hybrid truck, ‘Mean Green’, established new world speed records on April 27, at Wendover Airfield in Utah, USA.

‘Mean Green’ achieved the following world record speeds: Flying Kilometre+ –236.577 km/h (147.002 mph) and Standing Kilometre* – 153.252 km/h

March 26, 2012

‘Mean Green’, Volvo’s hybrid truck, to attempt world speed record

‘Mean Green’, the world’s fastest hybrid truck, will attempt to reach speeds in excess of 260 km/h (165 mph) on April 27, at Wendover Airfield in Utah, USA, to try and beat its own world speed records set only last year by ‘Mean Green’s driver, Boije Ovebrink.

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