May 25, 2012

Ducati launch TriOptions PCP Finance

Ducati UK announced the launch of a new Personal Contact Purchase (PCP) Finance scheme called TriOptions.

PCP is already an important finance option for many Ducati customers with over 60 per cent of all Ducati Finance taken up currently being
financed in this way. This format of finance has been a key part of the car industry for many years due to its combination of low deposits and low monthly repayments.

Ducati UK has embraced this scheme and the time is now right to introduce Ducati TriOptions.

TriOptions reflects not only the Tricolore, the Italian flag, but also three, which are the number of options the PCP scheme offers to those customers at the end of their contract.

The three options customers have with TriOptions are:
> Part exchange the bike for a new one
> Return the bike to the Ducati  dealer
> Pay the outstanding finance and own the bike outright

Benefits of the TriOptions with Ducati Finance
Low monthly repayments: Using this form of finance the monthly payments (and deposit) are lower than regular finance as the residual value in a Ducati is generally one of the highest in the Industry.

Ride a new Ducati every two to three years. TriOptions is designed to meet the customer’s budget by helping them set the amount of the regular payments based on their proposed annual mileage. Customers are then in a position to finance a newer more affordable Ducati or part exchange it for a new one every two to three years if they so wish.

Guaranteed future value: Those buying a Ducati can choose their likely annual mileage and, dependent on term and mileage, Ducati Finance will calculate the Guaranteed Future Value of their bike at the end of the agreement. Ducati’s residual values are amongst the strongest in the industry.

Flexible choices: The customer can set repayment periods, then take the best option for them when they reach the end - part exchange it with the Ducati dealer for a new one, buy it outright at the pre-agreed price or return the Ducati to the Ducati dealer.

For those motorcyclists that want to ride the newest Ducati and be able to keep their options and be able to budget to achieve their motorcycling dream, then TriOptions is the only option to make the desirable affordable.


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