August 23, 2012

Mercedes-Benz embarks on campaign to mark the launch of the new A-class

To mark the launch of the new A-class on September 15, 2012, Mercedes-Benz is embarking on a comprehensive advertising campaign using all available communication channels and based around the claim 'The new A-class. The pulse of a new generation'. The
pre-launch communication activities for the new compact Mercedes-Benz are expected to reach their climax with the campaign. The focal point of the integrated campaign will comprise a variety of print advertisements, five TV spots and an innovative online platform. They will primarily concentrate on the exceptionally progressive, sporty design of the vehicle as well as some of its special product features. These include full integration of the Apple iPhone in the vehicle's display and operating concept, helpful multimedia apps and the standard assistance system Collision Prevention Assist.

"We have already received far more than 40,000 orders for the new A-class, even before its official market launch. We are looking to give this highly positive response a further boost with the campaign," explains Anders Sundt Jensen, Vice-President Brand Communication Mercedes-Benz Cars. "The campaign is just as progressive and emotionally appealing as the new A-class itself, and perfectly reflects what our compact Mercedes model stands for: strikingly passionate design, pure dynamism, exemplary safety and unique digital networking capabilities."

Hitting networks on all channels from September
The print advertisements and TV spots depict the special features of the compact Mercedes-Benz model to exceptional effect. In addition, they take as their central theme the A 250 Sport with diamond grille, issue invitations to attend market launch events and test drives, and promote a variety of financing offers. The progressive-looking print advertisements will run throughout Germany in the form of 2/1 and 1/1-page ads in consumer publications, high-circulation news magazines, special-interest media and also national daily newspapers. Furthermore, all of the themes of the campaign will also be depicted on billboards in prominent locations in cities throughout Germany.

All of the print advertisements will feature a QR code leading directly to the central interactive online platform, where all global communications activities on the new A-class have been pooled together since March. The online hub accessible at features an innovative interactive concept, which sets the scene for the impressive world of the new A-class by means of scrolling – from vehicle highlights and the A-Rock concert series with Placebo, through to attractive financing offers and the opportunity to arrange a test drive.

Just as progressive and as dynamic as the print advertisements are the five TV spots, each of which presents a product highlight in the form of a surprising and amusing story. The 'parking' spot, for example, focuses on the Mercedes-Benz 'Parking Finder' app found in the COMAND Online system. In this, an A-class is seen travelling along which then suddenly comes to a halt. An attractive woman gets out, and paints a parking bay around the vehicle. In the 'crash test' spot, a desperate crash test dummy tries to arrange a rear-end collision with the A-class. However, the driver manages to avoid all of the obstacles placed in his way in good time – thanks to the radar-based warning system Collision Prevention Assist fitted as standard. The advertising spots will be transmitted on all of the main TV stations which enjoy wide coverage.

The campaign will run until the end of October, and online until the end of December 2012. The agency responsible for the campaign is Jung von Matt/Alster. Production of the TV spots was undertaken by Tempomedia, with Cyril Guyot acting as Director, while the photos are the work of Uwe Duttmann.

The central theme of the campaign, 'The pulse of a new generation', will continue to be used in the '2013 A-class Calendar', which is available to order from Twelve calendar themes tell the story of a young couple taking a trip in the new A-class through a large city at night.

It is an extraordinary calendar, which will be accompanied by social media measures as well as other online activities.

Road show through Europe's major cities
The campaign is also being supplemented by a three-month road show travelling across Europe. At the beginning of June, a fleet of almost 50 A-class models set out from Barcelona and Seville at the same time. Up until the end of October, they will be stopping off at fashionable event locations and public squares in Europe's major cities. The show includes a futuristic pavilion which, with its sculptured shape and progressive design to match the A-class, is certainly an eye-catching feature.

The new A-class is also already under way in the new city-building simulation game, 'SimCity Social' on Facebook. Mercedes-Benz has partnered with Electronic Arts Inc. and is providing fans with exclusive additional game options until the end of September. Among other features, players can add a Mercedes-Benz plant, a dealership, areas for vehicle presentations and advertising signs to their cities, and also enjoy the new A-class driving through the streets.

World first: the virtual owner's manual – 'A-Class Guide'
With the 'A-Class Guide', Mercedes-Benz is making the complete owner's manual for the A-class available for smartphones for the first time. The mobile guide boasts lots a useful features, such as the Quick Start Help or Quick Tips, which provide advice on using the vehicle. The owner's manual also includes animations and short film clips which show in graphic form how specific functions are operated.

The 'Mercedes-Benz Guides' app and the 'A-Class Guide' are available via the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store for all popular smartphones.


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