September 26, 2012

Autogas Limited opens first LPG facility on M25

Autogas Limited has opened the very first LPG refuelling facilities anywhere on the M25 at Shell Cobham, the UK's largest petrol station that commenced trading last week.

So for the first time since its completion in 1986, drivers can now easily access the cheaper and cleaner fuel while
driving on the London Orbital.

The new site can cater for both clockwise and anti-clockwise traffic due to its own dedicated motorway junction and is conveniently located midway between Heathrow and Gatwick.

"For LPG drivers travelling on the M25, the new Shell Cobham site will make life a lot easier as they now have access to an Autogas refuelling facility directly from the motorway itself."

"It's also in a great location, as there is currently a gap of 63 miles between existing services on the road, so while filling up with the cheaper fuel they can also enjoy the other fantastic amenities," said Paul Oxford, Business Development, Autogas Limited.

The LPG refuelling installation at the super-size site will be among the most active in the Autogas Limited UK network, which currently stands at 215 forecourts throughout the country, including several other major motorway service stations.

Shell Cobham itself boasts over one-and-a-half miles of underground pipes and 141 fuel nozzles in total.

"The new M25 site is expected to be one the busiest service stations in the country due to its enormous size, sheer volume of passing traffic and key geographical location."

"It's also a significant milestone for Autogas Limited to open the very first LPG refuelling facility anywhere on the M25 and will be a huge benefit to our customers who have been longing for a London Orbital stopping point."

"Indeed, more and more motorists are converting to LPG, the cheaper and cleaner fuel, so it’s important that Autogas Limited is able to provide easily accessible refuelling points throughout the UK and particularly the motorway network to the increasing number of LPG users," added Oxford.

Currently there are 165,000 LPG powered cars in the UK and the number is rising. Last year alone 12,000 cars were converted to run on the fuel.

Apart from the financial savings – typically LPG drivers save around 40 percent annually on their fuel bills compared with petrol alone – the other major benefit is that the cleaner fuel produces far fewer emissions than those vehicles running on traditional road fuels.

The new LPG facilities at Shell Cobham form part of a major expansion programme by Autogas Limited in 2012 which will see a total of 18 sites open for business. 


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