September 22, 2012

Renault Trucks to completely replace its range in 2013

During the Hanover IAA Motor Show, the President of Renault Trucks, Heinz-Jurgen Low, announced that the Long Distance, construction and distribution ranges are to be completely replaced in the spring of 2013. Highlighting the strengthening of each brand within
the Volvo Group as a result of its reorganisation, he intends to make Renault Trucks a model of excellence.

During his press conference at the Hanover show, Heinz-Jurgen Low informed that the introduction of the new Euro-6 standard will also see a comprehensive replacement of the manufacturer's Long Distance, Distribution and Construction ranges as of June 2013. All the vehicles concerned are currently undergoing trials on the Renault Trucks test tracks and under actual operating conditions with a number of partner customers. These vehicles have been designed and developed with the customers' needs and expectations in mind. This new range is aiming for excellence and Renault Trucks is doing everything to reach that goal. Heinz-Jurgen Low prepared the ground by saying, "In June, there will be a real revolution. Our new vehicles are going to surprise you, not only in terms of their design but also their performance. We are aiming for excellence and are doing everything to attain it."

The IAA show was also an opportunity for Renault Trucks to present the technology of its future Euro-6 engines. The heavy-duty range will have a new 11-L, 6-cylinder engine, known as the DTI 11. This is fitted with a common rail injection system. It is combined with an SCR post-treatment system to reduce polluting emissions adapted for Euro-6. To make sure this system delivers optimal performance, Renault Trucks is combining various solutions such as re-using exhaust gases during engine start-up phases, plus using admission and exhaust valves as well as specific combustion strategies. The post treatment system is complemented by a particulate filter, which is fitted to all Renault Trucks Euro-6 engines. A similar technology has also been employed on the DTI 13, the 13-L engine. This model features an electronic pump injector system appropriate for engines with this displacement.

For its medium-duty range, Renault Trucks has developed a new 4-cylinder engine with a displacement of 5-L, the DTI 5, as well as an 8-L, 6-cylinder engine, the DTI 8. Both feature an EGR system. This recycles part of the exhaust gases during combustion, thereby reducing the amount of nitrous oxide (NOx) produced by the engine. The remaining NOx are then eliminated by catalysis via the SCR system. Finally, the particulate filter once again makes it possible to comply with the very low level of particle emissions demanded by Euro-6.

With its new Euro-6 engines, Renault Trucks is pursuing a triple objective: to supply its customers with Euro-6 compliant engines that offer the same or better consumption, reliability and maintenance characteristics as Euro-5 engines.

At present, there is no customer demand for early adoption of the standard and the current Renault Trucks range perfectly satisfies their expectations, particularly in terms of controlling consumption.

The pioneer and leader in fuel consumption reduction, Renault Trucks' All For Fuel Eco initiative highlights the involvement of the company's entire workforce in favour of saving fuel from the design stage of the vehicle right through to its servicing and maintenance in the Renault Trucks network. For customers, this translates into Optifuel Solutions. These consist of a set of tools and services available to customers to help them configure their vehicles, in particular by choosing the most appropriate source of energy (electricity, hybrid, CNG or diesel), giving their drivers the right training, carefully monitoring and analysing their trucks' consumption and maintaining their vehicle correctly with specific services focused on saving fuel. At the end of all this, the figures speak for themselves. Renault Trucks' robotised gearboxes deliver fuel savings of up to 7 per cent, the Optifuel Programme up to 15 per cent across an entire fleet and 21,000 drivers have already followed the Optifuel Training economic driving instruction program.

Currently, with vehicles of 2.8- to 120-t, Renault Trucks offers a comprehensive range of vehicles adapted to the needs of every customer and application. Furthermore, the manufacturer also has the market's most extensive offer of vehicles running on alternative energies. This covers all-electric vehicles with the Maxity Electric (4.5-t), hybrid vehicles with the Premium Distribution Hybrys Tech (19-t/26-t) and those running on compressed natural gas with the Premium Distribution CNG (19-t/26-t). At the same time, Renault Trucks is continuing its research programme, in particular with an experimental vehicle, the Midlum Electric. Three of these are now undergoing tests by partner customers Carrefour and STEF in Lyon with and by Nestle Switzerland in Zurich and Lausanne.

However, although urban vehicles are increasing more likely to be equipped with alternative propulsion technologies, for long-distance transport, diesel remains - and will remain for some considerable time - the energy of choice.

This is why Renault Trucks is continuing its research into ways of further limiting consumption. For the CX/03 industrial design project presented at the Hanover Show, everything was done to improve the vehicle's aerodynamics and make it as light as possible. For example, its radiator grille is based on a tubular structure which combines aluminium and carbon fibre with three aerodynamic blades on the base to guide the airflow towards the sides. CX/03 has the vocation of providing the quintessence of Renault Trucks’ ability to deliver fuel savings and put it well and truly on the road to excellence.

This research is fully in line with the Renault Trucks Deliver commitment which has never been more relevant than it is today. Trucks play a key role in our modern life. They carry goods, food, culture and humanitarian aid. Renault Trucks wants to contribute to putting pride back into the road haulage industry and offer efficient transport solutions that also respect the environment for the benefit of its customers and the whole of society.


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