October 23, 2012

Ford opens major solar panel installation in Germany

Ford has opened a major solar panel installation in Merkenich-Cologne, Germany.

The solar panels installed on the roof of Ford's European Parts and Distribution Centre generate enough electricity to power 370 homes, producing 1,100 megawatt hours per year, and
also reducing annual CO2 production by 550-tonnes.

RheinEnergie, a local energy provider that installed the solar panels, will offer new Focus Electric customers the chance to buy this green energy via special contract, helping drivers to maximise the environmental benefits and travel with no carbon footprint.

"This is further evidence of our commitment to CO2 reduction and the environment and the first time that green energy produced on Ford land can directly benefit its customers," said Klaus Linden, Supervisor, Energy Purchase, Ford of Europe. "Our aim, ultimately, is to establish an entirely carbon-neutral facility in Europe."

Ford already uses green energy at its Cologne sites, including electricity from three hydro-power plants in Norway and Sweden, while all Ford buildings in Cologne are heated by steam power provided by RheinEnergie as well. Combined, these measures reduce annual CO2 emissions by 190,000-tonnes.

"We're stepping into new vehicle markets as well as working with partners to give customers the support they need to make that choice," said Bernhard Mattes, Chairman, Ford of Germany. "By hosting the solar panels Ford is enabling Focus Electric drivers to buy a zero-emissions car running on electricity from a zero-emissions source."

Ford will announce further cooperation with energy providers in other countries closer to the launch of the Focus Electric in Europe.

"We are delighted to work with Ford, as a local energy provider we have a special climate protection responsibility and Ford is a company that is very aware of climate issues. The new solar panel installation is a further step towards the use of more renewable sources," said Uwe Schoneberg, Head of Sales at RheinEnergie.


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