January 05, 2013

Zipcar starts zero membership fee 'Access Plan' in Canada

Zipcar, Inc. announced a new weekday, no annual fee driving programme called the 'Access Plan', which will be introduced as a pilot program in Toronto and Vancouver, Canada.

The Access Plan lets members drive Zipcars and Zipvans (where available) from
Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Zipcar Access Plan hourly and daily rates include gas, insurance and limited kilometers per day. Cars can be reserved for as short as an hour or for multiple days. Access Plan hourly and daily rates will be the same as Zipcar's existing plan - starting at $9 an hour in Toronto ($78 per day) and $8 in Vancouver ($72 per day). A one-time fee for an insurance background check is required for all plans. 

"As the world's largest car sharing network, it is natural for us to continue to evolve our service to meet a broader array of consumer needs," said Scott Griffith, Chairman and CEO of Zipcar. "This new pilot plan is a key step in that direction. The Access Plan offers full entry to our entire network during weekdays without committing to an annual fee. This new plan also gives renewing Zipsters a new option if they are infrequent drivers but prefer to keep their membership active without an annual fee, just-in-case."

The Access Plan is ideal for consumers who:
> Would like to test drive Zipcars without committing to an annual fee
> Primarily need to drive on the weekdays
> Are looking to use Zipcar as a second car
> Need access to Zipvans for moves and transporting bulky items, or
> Would like Zipcar as a ready-to-drive option but aren't sure how frequently they'll need a car

All Zipcar memberships include the ability to reserve vehicles across the entire network of cities in North America and Europe.

Access Plan members can easily upgrade to Zipcar's existing membership plan if they need weekend/holiday wheels or want to drive more kilometers per day.

"We look forward to helping members discover the savings and convenience of Zipcar compared to other personal transportation options during the weekday," continued Griffith.


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