March 27, 2013

Renault-Nissan establishes Port of Tyne as common entry point for imports into Northern England

The Renault-Nissan Alliance has established the Port of Tyne in northeast England as its common regional entry point for vehicles imported from Renault and Nissan plants overseas.

Establishing a single port in Northern England is the latest step from the fully
integrated Renault-Nissan logistics team, which generated more than €200-million euros in savings last year. The unified Alliance logistics team has already created common packing materials, integrated shipping and cargo operations, and put in place common logistics operations in Europe, as well as  in Brazil, Russia, India and China - the so-called 'BRICs'.

An integrated team also supports customs and trade across the Alliance. This team has negotiated better terms and implemented common practices to establish optimized customs and trade policies worldwide, contributing more than €100-million per year in cost savings and cost avoidance.

"Moving to a single, consolidated port is the latest step in the deepening collaboration between Renault and Nissan. Using the same port in this critical region reduces overall costs and complexity," said Christian Mardrus, Renault-Nissan Alliance Managing Director for Logistics.


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