April 10, 2013

Nissan's plant in Mexico leads the way in renewable energy

Nissan's Aguascalientes plant in Mexico has become a leading user of renewable energy within Nissan.

The manufacturing plant recently integrated wind power into its energy mix, meaning it now generates 50 per cent of its total energy needs through renewable sources.
As a result, the Nissan March, Versa, Sentra and the soon-to-be-released Nissan Note are all produced in Aguascalientes in a cleaner, more sustainable way.

Since the beginning of the year, 45 per cent of the plant's energy for manufacturing comes from a wind farm in Oaxaca, which is operated by Nissan's strategic partner ENEL. Over the year, this will amount to about 192 GWh.

This is not the first time Nissan Mexicana has invested in renewable energy. Back in January 2012, Aguascalientes set a new industry standard by becoming the world's first automotive plant to use electric energy generated through biogas. This innovative method uses waste from the town's landfill site as fuel to generate energy for the plant.

Since September 2009, the plant has also recycled 100 per cent of the residue from its manufacturing processes. Furthermore, its waste water treatment plant has not produced any discharge to the public sewage system since 1992.

The Aguascalientes plant is just one example of Nissan's commitment to sustainability in Mexico. Other projects include the donation of trees for reforestation programs in Morelos and the installation of a Level 3 fast charging station for electric vehicles in the city of Aguascalientes. That makes it the second fast charger in Mexico and the third in Latin America.


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