November 14, 2013

Skoda records best October of all time; sale grew worldwide by 7.5 per cent

Skoda has seen a sharp increase in sales this October. The Czech manufacturer delivered 83,800 vehicles to customers worldwide, corresponding to a growth of 7.5 per cent over October 2012 (78,000 sales). This is a new October record for the brand.

In Europe,
Skoda saw double-digit growth of 13.7 per cent to 55,700 units sold. In Germany, the brand grew by 23.5 per cent to over 12,100 vehicles.

"With an increase of 7.5 per cent in October, we have firmly confirmed the positive trend of recent months," said Werner Eichhorn, Skoda Board Member for Sales and Marketing. "The global growth once again demonstrates the power of the brand and the appeal of our young model range. The new and revised models have been exceptionally well received. The new Octavia has a very high customer acceptance and has exceeded our expectations." In Western Europe, sales of the new Octavia increased by 48.8 per cent in October and in Central Europe by 23.1 per cent compared to the same month last year. Skoda's market share in Europe grew in the first 10 months of 2013 to over 3.9 per cent.

In Western Europe, Skoda recorded a significant increase of 17.3 per cent in October. Deliveries increased to 32,400 units compared to 27,600 units last October. Once again, the brand has outperformed the overall market. In the first ten months, the market share in Western Europe grew to 3.1 per cent (same period last year: 3 per cent). In Germany - Skoda's second largest market worldwide - Skoda is building its position as the largest import brand; sales increased in October by 23.5 per cent to over 12,100 units. The brand saw growth into the double figures in the UK (5,700 vehicles; up 23.1 per cent), Denmark (1,400, up 32 per cent), Finland (830 vehicles, up 33.6 per cent), Italy (900 vehicles, up 23 per cent), the Netherlands (1,200 vehicles, up 21.3 per cent), Norway (760 vehicles, up 25.8 per cent) and Spain (1,000 vehicles, up 56.6 per cent). In Norway, Skoda achieved the best monthly sales result ever.

In Eastern Europe, Skoda delivered 11,400 vehicles to customers in October (October 2012: 11,600; -1.7 per cent). After ten months, the market share stood at around 3.9 per cent. In Kazakhstan, the brand saw a three-fold increase in sales, selling more cars in one month than ever before. In the Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania), almost 700 customers decided on a new Skoda, 66.6 per cent more than in October 2012. In Romania, the brand grew by 24.1 per cent with over 600 units and in Serbia by 16.2 per cent with 400 vehicles. In Russia, Skoda's third largest market, the Czechs sold 7,100 vehicles (October 2012: 8,300; -14.5 per cent).

Customer deliveries increased by 21.6 per cent to almost 12,000 vehicles (October 2012: 9,800) in Central Europe. With this growth significantly above market average, Skoda's market share increased to 20.5 per cent in October. In their Czech home market, Skoda saw significant growth, whilst the market in general declined slightly. Deliveries to customers in the Czech Republic reached 5,700 units (October 2012: 5,300), an increase of 8.2 per cent. Skoda's market share in the Czech Republic after ten months stands at 35.8 per cent and in the month of October at almost 37.3 per cent.

Skoda have proven their strength once again in China - 21,500 vehicles delivered to customers in China (October 2012: 22,900 units; -6 per cent), representing the fourth-strongest sales month for Skoda since their entry onto the Chinese market around six years ago. Cumulatively over the first ten months, Skoda 199,200 sold vehicles in China (January to October 2012: 204,800; -2.7 per cent).

In India, deliveries increased by 16.1 per cent to over 2,300 vehicles.


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