December 17, 2013

2014 Buick LaCrosse earns five-star NHTSA safety score

The 2014 Buick LaCrosse has received the highest possible 5-star Overall Vehicle Score for safety as part of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's New Car Assessment Program.

"Safety is one of the pillars of the Buick brand and our flagship continues
to echo this essential element to our customers," said Jeff Yanssens, Chief Engineer of the LaCrosse. "Not only do we offer advanced safety technologies in the 2014 LaCrosse, but we designed and engineered the core of the car to perform well with respect to crash safety."

The available safety and convenience features
> Safety Alert Seat: A patented General Motors' technology, the driver's seat works with many of the advanced safety features, providing seat vibration pulses indicating the direction of a potential crash threat
> Automatic Collision Preparation: Radar technology detects a possible crash threat and alerts the driver. If the system detects that the driver does not apply the brakes, this feature intervenes to automatically trigger the brakes in an effort to reduce crash damage
> Forward Collision Alert: If the camera technology detects a possible crash threat, the system willsend an alert
> Full-speed-range Adaptive Cruise Control: Radar technology senses traffic in front of the LaCrosse to adjust vehicle speed, including bringing the vehicle to a complete stop and accelerating again upon driver request
> Lane Departure Warning: A camera-based lane detection system can warn the driver of unsignaled lane changes. The camera, mounted near the inside rearview mirror, identifies lane markings,and provides alerts
> Lane Change Alert: Under most driving conditions, the system helps to inform the driver of fast-approaching vehicles in the next lane that are up to 230 ft (70 m) behind the car. The LaCrosse is one of the first vehicles to offer this technology
> Side Blind Zone Alert: Using radar sensors on both sides of the vehicle, the system scans for other vehicles in the blind zone areas of the LaCrosse and under most driving conditions, indicates their presence with light-emitting diode, or LED-lit symbols in the outside mirrors
> Rear Cross Traffic Alert: Based on the radar sensors of side blind zone alert, it can warn the driver of vehicles in traffic when backing out of a parking spot – including angled parking. Visual, and audible or available seat vibration alerts are triggered if moving vehicles are detected
> Rear Vision Camera: In reverse, the camera provides a view of the area behind the LaCrosse, shown on the display in the center stack infotainment system.


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