March 12, 2015

A heavy-duty marriage

Louise and Lars Laage Jessen are among a number of newlywed couples who have taken part in Scania Denmark's latest campaign that marries the Danish springtime wedding season with Scania vehicles.

For many, the obvious transport choice for their wedding
is a horse and carriage or a luxurious limousine. Lars Laage Jessen, Manager Used Vehicles at Scania in Denmark, had a completely different solution in mind though.

"I'm a true Scania fan and I decided to ride in a Scania on my big day," he says. His wife Louise adds, "He's devoted to Scania. He's just crazy."

Lars, who started working for Scania in 2006 and has held several positions, asked transport company owner Poul Pedersen if he could use Pedersen's Scania-Vabis LB110 Super as the wedding carriage.

"Normally people choose classic cars. But I wanted something different and I think the LB110 is a beautiful truck," said Lars.

While it was Lars who decided on the church 'in which I was baptised' and the means of transport for getting their on the wedding day, his wife Louise, who is a chef, decided on the food and venue for the party following the church service.

"The truck was a surprise to me," added Louise. "It's a beautiful truck and people were impressed that we rode in it. It's an old-fashioned model with lots of room inside. It was a pleasant ride."


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